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Ye Olde Fashioned Books (in no particular order)



9TH SS DIVISION by Michael Sharpe - ISBN: 0711030642

A history. In 1942 Hitler gave authorization for the creation of two new Waffen-SS Divisions, one of which was the 9th. The unit saw action in many of the European theaters and played a pivotal role in Operation Market Garden. After this it was sent East to spearhead a counterattack in Hungary which ultimately proved ineffective. Retreating westwards the 9th SS Division eventually surrendered to US forces near Steyr in May 1945.

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In the Firestorm of the Last Years of the War, II. SS-Panzerkorps with the 9. and 10. SS-Divisions "Hohenstaufen" and "Frundsberg" by Wilhelm Tieke - ISBN: 0921991436

Another superb publication by Fedorowicz, this one a translation of the unit histories of the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions. Well translated and very readable, this book covers some of the most interesting battles of World War II: Russia in early 1944, Normandy, Arnhem, the Ardennes, and the final battles on the eastern front in Hungary and Pomerania. There is also a section covering the 502nd SS Heavy Panzer Battalion in the battles in and around Berlin. Highly recommended for those interested in German WWII history and/or tank warfare.

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Other SS Related Books:


Black Edelweiss By Johann Voss - ISBN: 0966638980

The author served in SS Mountain Infantry Regiment 11 “Reinhard Heydrich”, part of 6th SS Mountain Division “Nord”. The book is mostly an account of his extensive combat service against the Soviets in northern Karelia and Finland, with a shorter section describing combat against the Americans in the Vosges and in the Saar-Moselle triangle.

Voss reflects on the totality of his wartime experiences, from the origins of his reasons for enlisting in the Waffen-SS to his experiences in US captivity. The result is a compelling and honest account.

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Blood Red Snow by Gunter K. Koschorrek - ISBN: 1853675083

This memoir is the first-person account of a German soldier who served on the eastern front during World War II. The author is not concerned with examining the reasons for the war or the tactics used to fight it. Rather, he sets out to present the day-to-day realities of the German soldiers by naming them and then relating their fates, which too often was violent death. Many of Koschorrek's compatriots were run over by Soviet tanks or blown to pieces by Soviet shells. A must read!

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Seven Days in January by Wolf T. Zoepf - ISBN: 0966638956

This is a balanced and objective memoir by a member of the SS engaged in a vicious battle. It does a superb job of telling the story of both sides in a manner that does them both justice, giving credit where it is due and making substantiated criticisms where justified. It also substantiates claims by other SS veterans that they ("They" being those they knew personally) were disciplined soldiers who did their best to abide by the Geneva convention. A riveting and worth while read.

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Wehrmacht and Other German related Books:

Tigers in the Mud by Otto Carius - ISBN: 0811729117

WWII began with a metallic roar as the German Blitzkrieg raced across Europe, spearheaded by the most dreaded weapon of the 20th century: the Panzer. No German tank better represents that thundering power than the infamous Tiger, and Otto Carius was one of the most successful commanders to ever take a Tiger into battle, destroying well over 150 enemy tanks during his incredible career.

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Fighting In Hell by Peter G. Tsouras - ISBN: 0804116989

On 22 June 1941, the German army invaded the Soviet Union, one hundred fifty divisions advancing on three axes in a surprise attack that overwhelmed and destroyed whatever opposition the Russians were able to muster. The German High Command was under the impression that the Red Army could be destroyed west of the Dnepr River and that there would be no need for conducting operations in cold, snow, and mud. They were wrong.

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In Deadly Combat by Gottlob Herbert Bidermann - ISBN: 0700611223

Bidermann, who is an 18-year-old private in the 132d Infantry Division at the beginning of this memoir, takes us through the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, passage across the Dnieper and southern steppes, battles in the Crimea, engagements in northern Russia and retreat through Riga to the Baltic. He retrospectively reviews historical records and sketches the daily happenings and ambience of his unit in a matter-of-fact and unpretentious--yet invariably proud--tone. The translation is direct and generally graceful, sometimes lyrical. Before war's end, the unit was cut off in Courland, though Bidermann claims it was "never defeated in open battle." After surrender in 1945, the remnants of the division were held in extended captivity. Another great First Person Memoir.

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Hitler's Garands by W. Darrin Weaver - ISBN: 0889352755

A complete history of the German self-loading rifles. The collecting of the G/K43 and its accoutrements has become very popular in recent years, with very high prices being realized for these rifles and their accessories. This has created a burgeoning industry in "reproductions" for the collector market. In response to this the author has gone to great pains to illustrate the many fraudulent markings seen on components and scopes, and to identify the many out-and-out fake magazine pouches, stocks, and especially scope cases and mounts, which abound today. Spurious these may be, but cheap they are not; and this chapter alone is well worth the price of the book.

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Backbone of the Wehrmacht - (The German K98k Rifle, 1934 - 1945)

by Richard D. Law - ISBN: 0889351023

The most comprehensive study ever published of the 14,000,000 bolt-action K98k rifles produced in Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. Contains extensive information on the military and commercial background to the K98k; the materials and methods used in the manufacture, inspection and acceptance of the components of the K98k; a year-by-year chronology of K98k manufacturers, with illustrations of markings and data sheets on over 100 contractor/year variations, plus exhaustive data on quantities produced, manufacturing times, personnel, and costs; commercial and contract K98ks, and many 'one-offs' and experimentals. Illustrates and describes virtually every K98k accessory ever produced. The revised edition includes 150 new images and 38 more pages of text, with four Appendices.

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Another Bowl Of Kapusta by Dianna M. Popp and Gottfried P. Dulias - ISBN: 1418488372

A first person account of the life of an aspiring Luftwaffe pilot. Finally getting into the cockpit in 1944, he is shot down by the Russians after making some kills of his own. This book chronicles his life from birth, through the war, his years in a Russian Gulag, and beyond. A fantastic book and a great example of what it was like to be a youth during those years. Includes the author's own Kapusta recipe! It's great!

Some of us had the honor of meeting Mr. Gottfried Dulias, the subject and co-author of this book, at the Burlington event this past year. Thank you Mr. Dulias for your service, bravery, and honesty, as well as your time and effort to bring your story to light. We thank you.

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Other Great Books:

The Path To Victory by Douglas Porch - ISBN: 0374205183

An interesting look at the forgotten backwater theater of WWII, this fresh examination shows why the Mediterranean was a key battleground of WWII. This book explores the entire range of events in the region, from Italy's declaration of war on France in 1940 through the German invasions of Greece and Crete to the Afrika Korps and Monty, right up through Operation Torch, Kasserine Pass, the invasion of Sicily and the conquering of Italy. Well worth the read.

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An Army At Dawn by Rick Atkinson - ISBN: 0805062882

Volume One of the Liberation Trilogy

Being a WWII buff I found this book very informative as to the nature of the fighting style and tactics of the American infantryman during the beginning of this period. The author was fair in dealing with the pros and cons of this campaign from all view points. It seems that little has been written on this topic and Mr. Atkinson's writing style is easy to follow and leaves you always wanting more.

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