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First off, we would be happy to answer any question you might have pertaining to our hobby, our equipment, the 9th SS, or World War II in general. Just shoot us an email. We sure don't know everything, but we will try our best.

A great place to begin any research is on the various unit websites available on our LINKS page. Also check out some of the books available on our RECOMMENDED READING page. Reading is still the best font of knowledge available. The more you read, the more you know.

You may also want to visit collector and hobbyist sites to gain knowledge of your impression, your weapon, that PAK gun you are eyeing, etc. Here are a few places to expand your brain and educate yourself. Don't do what I did... Dropped $400 on a $150 RC K98k with pinged ampts and blood pitted metal. If you don't know what I just said then get your butt reading and learn. It could save you money, embarrassment, and some sanity! :)

If you find a good resource of information, please share it with us. We always want to know of new (or old) sites, forums, and such. Email us and let us know.



This site is dedicated to all the Second World War reenactors in the world. It is here to provide information about reenactment in different countries, their laws and the reenactment groups in those countries. It is a resource to encourage co-operative communication between international reenactors as individuals and reenactment groups who are prepared to work together for the benefit of all. It is here to provide contact information to all reenactors and groups and also interested individuals and companies who are looking for the historical and educational services provided by the international reenacting community.

On each country page, there are sections about the law applicable to reenactment, a short military history and links to reenactment groups.


This is a FANTASTIC web site that has tons of info. From proper haircuts to the proper way to carry yourself. Everyone interested in WWII Germany should take the time to read this site. Uniforms, Equipment, Decorations and Awards, Insignia, Rank Explained, Reenactor's Code of Conduct, Vehicles, Procedures, and a LOT more!!!! Stop by and learn a few things (ie: never carry your Greatcoat)! You won't regret it!

The inFamous Wehrmacht List:


This is the famous Wehrmacht List. It's a forum for the German side of WWII reenacting. It can be a great source of information and keeps you abreast of everything from the latest sales at the vendors to the latest (usually bad) news from the ATF.
Great information and photos for research on Operation Market Garden.
Information and photos of the Panzermuseum Munster, plus German War Records from the U.S. National Archives! A must for your research. Take a look!
The WWII Reenactors Forum. Find info on units, weapons, events, and the latest happenings in the reenacting community. A great resource for any and all reenactor related questions. Tons of topics to choose from and plenty of opinions to go around. Check it out!
This is the best source I have found for information on the G/K43 rifle. The people there are smart and know what they are talking about. Without this forum I never would have gotten my K43. And I never would have gotten it at the price I paid. I can't recommend this list highly enough, even if you don't own one.
This is a great reference site that I recently found. Lots of great information on equipment and firearms including lots of pics to show what they are discussing. I learned a lot and it's a great site to visit. Check them out ASAP!
Similar to the G/K43 forum but dealing with the MG34 and 42. All versions are discussed as well as parts kits, Yugo copies, interchangable parts and home projects. A great place to get any information you need on the MG34 and MG42!

The K98k forum and the MSA

Need to know something about the K98k? This is a great place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the standard issue WWII German infantry rifle. The guys over there know what they are talking about. Codes, variations, you name it. Their parent group, the Mauser Shooter's Association is a CMP affiliate. That means you can get surplus M1 Garands (I know, I know... Booo Hissss) with a free membership to the MSA and an FFL or C&R.

This is a great site !!! You will find info on all sorts of WWII weapons. You will even find some parts for sale. He is very knowledgeable and uses his own extensive collection to illustrate the piece he is talking about. Check it out!
Claus has a very extensive research project going on and he posts all his finding. He is doing a serial number study on how it relates to what parts the G43 has from what date/manufacturer. Really cool stuff and lots of parts for sale. Great information. Don't miss it.
A great UK site dedicated to providing info, pictures, and video. The "MOVIE" section is awesome! Do yourself a favor and check this site out!
The (new and improved) League of German Girls historical research site, which is dedicated to accurate and unbiased historical information about the female Hitler Youth, the Bund Deutscher Maedel.
The Russian Campaign 1941-1945
A photo diary by Otto Willnaur.
3rd Company, 7th PanzerJaeger Battalion
(Later 1007 Sturmgeschutz Abteilung)
7th Bavarian Infantry Division (Munich)

Pretty self explanitory. Lots of facts here and very well organized! Learn about the countries, The military, the organization, and the ideals.
Video, VHS, DVD, CD, and more. News reel, radio, music. Check it out!!!!
All you ever wanted to know about unterseebooten
As it's name suggests; a great Arnhem site with tons of pics
Market Garden info and pictures. Take a look. It's a great site!

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