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The 9th Re-Enactment Society is group of dedicated hobbyists who have a common interest grounded in the Second World War. Our members live in the eastern parts of Pennsylvania, all over New Jersey, the southeastern parts of New York, and the northern areas of Virginia and Maryland. We constantly seek new resources and information to improve our impression, and are always looking for new members that fit the bill.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to portray the life of a German combat solider assigned to the 9th Waffen-SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen as accurately and safely as possible. We strive to put forward the most realistic impression that we can, and to keep the memory of WWII alive.

Interested In Joining?

We hope so. Send us an email and request the Unit Handbook. Also make sure to read our FAQ page.


Unit Handbook

Available Upon Request

Graef Combat System Rules



Film Work

Are you looking to make a serious Film, Documentary, or Program using WWII Soldiers and equipment?
Are you in need of authentic looking WWII American, German, Russian, or British Soldiers, Vehicles, and Equipment for your production?

If so, the 9th Reenactment Society may be able to assist.

Located in the American North East, the 9th has the ability to provide the necessary elements to make your production more authentic.

To see our capabilities, check out our Motor Pool and Photos Sections. They include:

1 Mk. VI “Tiger” Tank, mounting an 88mm Cannon. This vehicle was featured in the film "Saving Private Ryan."
1 Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) Replica mounting a 75mm Cannon.
1 251 / 9 Hafltrack (Stummel), mounting a 75mm short barreled gas powered cannon. It is a converted Czech Tatra OT-810.
1 Sd.Kfz. 222 scout/recon car, mounting a 20mm gas powered cannon and a gas powered MG-34. This is a replica vehicle.
1 1944-dated ORIGINAL Kubelwagen
1 Kubel-car Kubelwagen Replica
1 Original Schwimmwagen
1 KDFWagen (Coming Soon)
3 1941 3-Ton Ford Trucks - Yes, the Germans used Ford Trucks!
1 Mercedes-Benz Staff Car
Several BMW motorcycles w/sidecar, Some mount gas powered MG-34s. One is an original R-12. One is an original R-71. Others are Chinese Chiang Jang's converted to look like wartime BMW's.
2 Pak-36 37mm Anti-tank Guns, 1 Original, 1 converted from 1940's dated Russian 45mm ATG.

- 3 American WWII vehicles, consisting of an M3 halftrack and 2 jeeps.

- Original and accurate reproduction equipment, including authentic tent and campsite items, radio equipment, boxes and crates, machine guns, rifles, pistols, mortars, and much more.

- Correctly kitted impressions for a variety of WWII personas, including German Waffen-SS Panzergrenadiers, Infantrymen, Panzer Crews, and Officers. In addition, we also have the ability to offer some other options, including Russian Soldiers and American GI's.

- A professional approach towards each project.

- Experienced members who have worked on past shoots, including documentaries for the History Channel as well as independent films.

As with all projects of this nature, we charge standard rates of compensation for time, and we DO NOT pay for transportation costs or ammunition costs. Please contact us by clicking here to discuss the details.

- A note for all independent filmmakers, students, and amateur photographers-
While we are big fans of WWII themed movies and productions, and we would like to assist in every request that we can, we can NOT work for free on film projects.





Trouble with Rank Identification?

Click here for the rank identification chart!!! You know you need it!

Need a little German for the field?

Click here for Professor McCorry's guide to "Field German"

WWII Fonts for your PC

These fonts are perfect for making repro ration labels, documents, viewing our Unit Handbook, and anything else you can think of. You need to download and install these fonts for them to show up on your PC. If you need instructions please ask us. The fonts "SS-Runes", "Crappy Wehrmacht Typewriter", and "WWII German Tactical Symbols" are courtesy of Marsh Wise at http://reenactor.net/ww2/fontage/fontage.html . He did a great job and if you like the fonts, please go check out his page. The other fonts I have collected from various websites and am making them available to you here. PLEASE DO NOT SELL THESE FONTS as they are copy written. Thanks!

SS Runes (Use charmap.exe to use these)

Crappy Wehrmacht Typewriter - Great font that looks like an old German typewriter. Great for documents or anything else you can think of!

WWII German Tactical Symbols - Self Explanatory

Heidelberg - Very important to the viewing of this website!

Fette Haenel Fraktur - European Font

Fette Fraktur - European Font

Deutsch Gottisch - European Font

Deutsch Gottisch Heavy - European Font

Propaganda - European style Font

Gothenburg Fraktur - Classic European Font

Germania - Another Classic European Font

And of course the German Standard DIN 1451 fonts. What are DIN font's you say? DIN 1451 is a realist sans-serif typeface that is widely used for traffic, administration and business applications. It has been defined by the German standards body Deutsches Institut für Normung since 1936. It is ALL OVER WWII German boxes, crates, papers, and such. The origins of this typeface go back to the "IV 44" type sheet defined by the Prussian rail network in 1906 for use on its trains.

DIN1451 Engschrift

DIN1451 Mittelschrift

DIN1451 Mittelschrift ALT

DIN1451 Mittelschrift DB

Ration Labels (install the above fonts before you make these labels or they will suck)

Use rubber cement to attach to your field ration cans and goodies

Hartkeks (hard tack or butter cookies)

Peaches (Standard size can)

Peaches and Pears (2 labels, different style than above)

Pökelfleisch (Deviled Ham - Small size)

Pökelfleisch (Deviled Ham - Regular size)

Beef Stew (Think -Dinty Moore)

A TON of great ration labels can be found at SS-Wiking's great site here: http://www.wiking.org/ - Thanks Guys!!!!


Important Side Note

Please read

On a sad side note: Unfortunately, one of our unit members had his house broken into and (among other things) the bastards stole his K43 and his K98 along with a lot of accessories.

Be Warned. Be Aware. Be Pro-active.


Please, please, PLEASE take the proper precautions to safeguard your kit and weapons. A simple gun locker from WalMart costs less than $100. A great investment to protect your rifles, sidearms, and more expensive pieces of equipment. Using a plastic rifle case with a padlock on it and "hiding" it under your bed does not work. Just ask "dumbass" mentioned above (he told me to call him that). So please, don't be a dumbass. PROTECT YOUR STUFF AT HOME AND AT EVENTS! LOCK YOUR GEAR UP WHEN POSSIBLE! - Period locks only, of course!

OK, enough of that. Thanks.


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