Our Wartime Trucks

Ford 3 Ton "V-3000"

The 9th SS currently has 3 1941-dated Ford 3-Ton trucks in our inventory. During WWII, the German Military used these trucks in abundance, as they represented nearly 17% of the German trucks produced during the war, second only to the Opel Blitz in terms of numbers. The German designation was the V-3000, and our American-produced versions are nearly identical to the German-made ones. Truck #1 and Truck #3 are both dedicated troop transport versions. Powered by V-8 3.9L motors producing roughly 90HP, they can easily transport between 12 and 16 soldiers as well as act as prime movers for some of our artillery pieces. Truck #2 is currently undergoing a restoration, and we hope to have her ready to field soon.

Above photo by doctordirt. Danke!
Above photo by doctordirt. Danke!

Here's how she used to look!

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